Energy Management Shared Learning Seminar

Energy Management Shared Learning Seminar

The upward trend in energy prices is having a profound impact on the ability of the public sector to continually deliver services within a tight budget.

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Benefits of attending

This seminar shared how public sector organisations are addressing the need for better energy management - to do more with less. By the end of the seminar, delegates were able to select from and adapt approaches to suit their own energy management needs, enabling them to achieve more with less.

You can watch the presenters discussing their contributions [Opens in new window] to the seminar.

This seminar was aimed at public and third sector:

  • Facilities Management roles;
  • Energy Management roles;
  • Environmental roles;
  • Project Managers with responsibility for energy management;
  • Sustainable Development roles; and
  • Performance Monitoring roles.

Seminar outline

The seminar consisted of two showcase sessions:

And a choice of attending two of the following workshops:

When and where

Thursday 25 July 2013
0900 – 1300 
Wales Audit Office, 24 Cathedral Road, Cardiff, CF11 9LJ

25 July 2013
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