No two days are the same working as a Senior Auditor

No two days are the same working as a Senior Auditor
16 December 2022
Picture of Ben the Senior Auditor

I originally applied for Audit Wales because I saw their work as a valuable service to society, which I wanted to be a part of. I completed my accountancy qualification on the Audit Wales graduate trainee scheme and was fortunate enough to be promoted to Senior Auditor at the beginning of the year.

I was keen to continue my journey with Audit Wales following completing the graduate scheme because Audit Wales has provided me with a supportive environment where I have been encouraged and challenged since day one.

The audit exposure I’ve had to various organisations across a range of sectors, from auditing the police to NHS bodies, have provided invaluable experience in honing my audit skills. This year alone, I have worked across 5 different bodies, meaning my work is always varied and I’m always corresponding with new clients. This variety is one of the aspects I value the most at Audit Wales – no two days are ever the same.

As a Senior Auditor I also have responsibility for leading on smaller bodies which involves developing and executing an audit plan, meeting regularly with clients to discuss the audit and feedback issues, coaching and supporting junior staff, reviewing work, and developing conclusions for our audit reports.

There is a strong team ethos at Audit Wales which makes me feel supported and all my colleagues are incredibly friendly making coming into work in the morning a pleasure. There is an emphasis on wellbeing here, and I really enjoy that Audit Wales allows me to work flexibly.


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Benjamin Hughes, Senior Auditor