Why choose a career in accountancy / audit?

Why choose a career in accountancy / audit?
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Graduate Trainee Georgina Taylor tells us why she chose as career in audit

It’s easy to consider why becoming an auditor can be important in the wider setting of society. the meaningful work Audit Wales does for the people of Wales in holding public sector authorities to account and protecting public spending for example. Despite this true and rewarding aspect of audit, I would argue that most people, particularly recent graduates considering what career to embark on, have a few other priorities to consider. Luckily for them (and myself!) there are lots of other reasons to choose accounting or more specifically, audit.

The classic; a professional qualification. The long, and often challenging journey of becoming ACA qualified is one that I have been promised numerous times is well worth the 15 exams it entails. The ACA is an internationally recognised qualification that helps improve your decision-making, time management and much more. More importantly, it is tangible proof of your professional development and makes you more employable.

More specifically for audit, studying the qualification at Audit Wales enables you to work of a wide variety of projects and gain a holistic view of organisations. One day you could be looking at the payroll operations of a Local Government body and the next how many silos a farm in Brecon needs. This breadth of understanding helps, especially as a new trainee, you learn which areas of an organisation appeal to you more and could influence what you career trajectory looks like.

Similarly, whether an extrovert or introvert, I think most people benefit from the opportunity to work in a team-based environment. Since starting at Audit Wales only 2 years, 1 month and 8 days ago, I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing people who have taught me more than you could ever learn in a classroom. Whether someone prefers to work from home and tap into conversations when needed or loves a day in the office, I believe that team working is the best way to ensure both social and professional development.

About the author

Georgina Taylor

Georgina is a third year Trainee within Financial Audit, based in Cardiff. She joined Audit Wales in 2021 as a graduate with a Theology and Philosophy degree from the University of Cambridge.