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I’ve enjoyed the variety of work I’ve been allocated

10 February 2023
  • I’m Morgan, and I'm a Business Administration apprentice within the Audit Wales Business Unit.

    I started my apprenticeship in the summer of 2021, mostly working on the administration of our Town and Community Councils project and giving auditors access to the projects they needed. At this point you could name me any town in Wales and I’ll have probably heard of it!

    Since starting the apprenticeship, I’ve gained valuable new experiences with recruitment, helping at assessment centres, organising and facilitating events, and much more. I’ve been lucky enough to work with the Social Mobility Business Partnership to organise a week of activities for students from low-income backgrounds, which I found very rewarding.

    I was based in Anglesey for the first year of my apprenticeship – remote working was a challenge for me, and I learned the importance of reaching out to my colleagues for help and support to reduce the risk of feeling isolated. I moved down South last summer and have enjoyed attending the office and meeting different colleagues.

    My managers have been very supportive in terms of training and offering help around my wellbeing, and my apprenticeship provider from ALS was crucial in guiding me along the way to my Diploma in Business Administration. I was able to take dedicated days for my study during the workweek to stay on top of my assignments and revise for exams, and this flexibility has been great.

    There’s no typical day for me at the moment, as I’m doing everything from archiving to recruitment to calling up hotels for quotes on events. I’ve enjoyed the variety of work I’ve been allocated and am grateful for the skills and experiences I’ve been able to obtain, as it will all benefit me greatly when it comes to taking the next step in my career.

    About the Author

    Morgan is from Anglesey, North Wales. He is first-language Welsh speaker and hobbies include discovering new music and playing the guitar, supporting the greatest football team of all time (Arsenal), going to the pub with friends and playing video games.