How well placed are you to deliver? Managing and improving business operations

How well placed are you to deliver? Managing and improving business operations

We held a free seminar with the National Audit Office and Good Practice Wales on managing and improving business operations.

All parts of public service are rethinking how they are re-designing and deliver services in response to financial, customer, policy, structural, capability and resource challenges. In doing so organisations need to consider the operational consequences of the decisions that they make on their capability to design and deliver what’s needed.

Good operations and process management provides a solid platform for organisation change. Whether the challenge is:

  • implementing new policy initiatives
  • transforming how services are delivered to customers such as through digital channels
  • changing organisational structures or business models, or
  • responding to changes in customer demand or evolving ways of working through continuous improvement.

Public services in Wales need to ensure they have the necessary operations and process management capability to meet these challenges.

Who the seminar was aimed at

This seminar was aimed at public and third sector managers and officers in the following areas:

  • policy implementation
  • channel shift
  • business transformation
  • programme and project Management
  • demand management, and
  • change management.


  1. Operations and process management is about running your business [PDF 1.8MB Opens in new window] - Alec Steele, National Audit Office 
  2. Sharing experiences of an improvement focussed leadership culture [PDF 728KB Opens in new window] - John Knowles, Department for Education 
  3. Organisational mergers: Challenges and opportunities [PDF 2.6MB Opens in new window]  - Howard Davies, Natural Resources Wales 

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03 February 2016
03 March 2016
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