My Planning Services

My Planning Services
08 August 2018
Have you had experiences of planning in Wales?

We’re reviewing how well local planning authorities are supporting the long-term wellbeing of their communities and we want to hear from you!

We want to know what you think about how well your local planning authority is improving economic prosperity and if they are protecting your community from unwanted development.

We want to hear your thoughts on things like:

  • how informed you are kept about current and future development in your area;
  • who should make decisions about planning applications;
  • how satisfied you are with planning services, and
  • the impact of planning on your quality of life.

We want to know if you feel planning services are clear about what they are trying to achieve. Do you think they are efficient and effective, and are they improving the economic prosperity of Wales?

You can take our survey now [opens in a new window]