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Online Event - Paned a Sgwrs with Alex Swift

18 June 2024
  • Something Interesting with Someone Interesting

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    Would you like to learn more about Autism and the Social Model of Disability?

    On July 11 2024, beginning at 12:00, we will be holding a session that is intended to challenge preconceptions about autism and give a different perspective on how they think about disability!

    Re-Defining Our Lives: Towards a Social Understanding of Neurodiversity

    This session explains that how we define autism shapes our understanding of the condition as a society.

    Drawing on his lived experience of understanding his autism, assessments and defining the condition for himself, Alex strongly advocates for the Social Model of Disability.

    At one point during the session, Alex will be conducting a thought experiment, describing "neuro-typical" traits in the same way you often see autistic traits presented in the media, as a way of illustrating the importance of language in these discussions.

    So if you’d like to learn more about Autism and the Social model of Disability, register by following this link [opens in new window]

    Contact the Good Practice Exchange team

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    Joining instructions are circulated before the event. Please ensure you provide your email address when booking a place to ensure that we can send information to you.

    For further information on the event, please email