Buildings Management National Briefing

3 Jun 2010 - 10:00am

Buildings Management National Briefing

We reviewed the land and buildings management arrangements at 30 of the larger Welsh public sector bodies including local government, police, fire and most central government bodies. In the NHS we undertook a central review, supported by limited local fieldwork prior to the recent reorganisation. Arrangements for the management of NHS land and buildings have been guided by a range of all-Wales policies and procedures which have provided the basis for a more consistent approach in that sector. We also held ‘shared learning seminars’ across Wales to support the identification and sharing of good practice.

We found that, across Wales, for most organisations which we looked at land and buildings are not keeping pace with changing demands and, as a consequence, do not deliver value for money as: 

  • most organisations have developed land and buildings related strategies, but many of these are out of date, insufficiently flexible or inadequately resourced;
  • it is unclear whether the effective use of land and buildings is improving and the performance management of land and buildings is weak in terms of setting objectives and monitoring performance; and 
  • organisations could obtain better value for money from their land and buildings through more robust project appraisals, joint procurement and better post-project evaluations.

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