Our Strategy 2022-27

Our purpose

  • assure the people of Wales that public money is being managed well
  • explain how public money is being used and how it meets people’s needs
  • inspire and empower the Welsh public sector to improve

Our purpose is at the heart of everything we do in Audit Wales. However, we recognise that the way in which we deliver this will change to reflect the significant challenges facing public services today.   

Our vision

Our vision is for Audit Wales to increase our impact by:

  • fully exploiting our unique perspective, expertise and depth of insight
  • strengthening our position as an authoritative, trusted and independent voice 
  • increasing our visibility, influence, and relevance
  • being a model organisation for the public sector in Wales and beyond

Challenges and opportunities

After a long period of austerity and the economic and social impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the coming years will offer little respite for stretched public finances.  

Many of the challenges we face in Wales today – inequality, public health and the climate emergency – are complex and inter-connected and our audit focus will evolve to reflect this.  

Our work programme will be shaped by three trends identified in our Picture of Public Services analysis.

A changing world

  • climate change: achieving a fair and just transition
  • equalities: responding to demands for a fairer and more equal society
  • constitution: managing the opportunities and risks of new relationships within the UK

The pandemic

  • direct costs of response
  • economic hit knocks on to public finances
  • legacy costs of long-term impacts

Transforming service delivery

  • systems and culture to support new approaches to service delivery
  • purposeful collaboration
  • long-term planning and prevention
  • harnessing technology where appropriate
  • using data to learn across the whole system

Building blocks

We have identified three areas where we will prioritise action to achieve our ambitions, alongside the delivery of our core statutory responsibilities.

  • strategic, dynamic and high-quality audit programme
  • targeted and impactful approach to communications and influencing
  • culture and operating model that enables us to thrive both now and in the future


Read our Five Year Strategy 2022-27.

Our annual plan sets out in detail the work we will be undertaking to deliver our strategy in 2022/23.