Faster closure of local government accounts

Faster closure of local government accounts

The Auditor General for Wales held a series of seminars to share the learning from organisations that have produced their accounts to earlier deadlines.

Over the next few years, local government, national parks, police and fire bodies in Wales are likely to be required to close their accounts faster.
The focus of this first seminar was to share the learning of how organisations started on their journey. This was done through practitioners and auditors sharing their approaches and the lessons learnt from achieving earlier closure of accounts.  
Walking away from this seminar, delegates had an insight into cultural and procedural changes that others have achieved to enable them to start the journey of changing the way they work. 

Who the event was aimed at

This seminar was aimed at staff within local authorities, national parks, fire and rescue and police authorities. Attendees should be: 
  • Section 151 Officer or equivalent
  • Chief Accountant
  • Cabinet Member with Finance Portfolio or  Audit Committee Chair


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11 November 2015
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