Paned a Sgwrs - Robyn Lovelock

Paned a Sgwrs - Robyn Lovelock
A man and a Woman enjoying a mug of a nice warm beverage near a wall and a green plant. They seem to be in conversation, which is the purpose of the event this picture is promoting. The Words Paned a Sgwrs appear in Audit Wales corporate colours of Dark Grey and Orange

Something Interesting with Someone Interesting

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Are you responsible for commissioning buildings or infrastructure, its construction or operation? Or just interested in how these things happen?

Well, on May 25 2023 we have someone interesting who will have something interesting for you!

50% of UK carbon emissions are from buildings and infrastructure, with their construction also contributing to biodiversity decline and species extinction.

Come along to hear about an innovative methodology that supports building projects to operate at net zero, will reduce embodied carbon emissions by 40% and aims to drive a 10% increase in biodiversity!

Robyn Lovelock is the Benefits Realisation lead and a Programme Manager at Ambition North Wales. She has over 20 years’ experience of designing, delivering and measuring sustainable development programmes internationally, and is now working to achieve sustainable and inclusive growth for North Wales. This recent IWA article [opens in new window] summarises some of the work she is leading with the Ambition North Wales team.

Working to ambitious sustainability objectives, as well a having a strong social value procurement goal is challenging, and will require innovation to achieve it. Join us to learn from someone who is directly facing these challenges.

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25 May 2023
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