Part 2 - Your Town, Your Future - Town Centre Regeneration

Part 2 - Your Town, Your Future - Town Centre Regeneration
A graphic illustrating a stylised Welsh town. It includes housing, businesses and transport in the form of bicycles and buses, as well as references to the mountains and countryside.

Following the event held on 20th May 2021, this event will launch the final report of Audit Wales’ study on Town Centre Regeneration.

The event will share the report’s findings and recommendations, as well as suggesting some ideas on ways to assist towns to analyse their present and forge their futures.

Also featured will be Professor Karel Williams of Manchester University, an economist who has researched the foundational economy and will be sharing the findings of his recent review of three towns in Wales. Ian Williams of the Welsh Government will also return to share his perspective and response to the study report.

Welsh towns are reflections of their areas, interconnected and unique in character. They are a part of our collective identities, even though they have had to adapt as their contexts changed.

Join us for a celebration of Welsh towns, with some suggestions for the future.

02 September 2021
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