Trans-Atlantic Conversations - Sonja Blignaut

Trans-Atlantic Conversations - Sonja Blignaut
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A conversation with Sonja Blignaut, and the opportunity to learn and discuss Wayfinding as a means to measure and evaluate.


When we are in unknown and uncharted territory, we need to be able to find our way.  Many of the developmental challenges we face are intractable. As a result, there are no best practices or paths to follow.  Yet, we fall back to using these practices that rely on a retrospective measure, and seldom allow us to truly understand the context and complexity of what we are facing. 

Sonja Blignaut will share what happens when we see measurement as a form of wayfinding.

Join us on June 21 at 3pm (Wales) 11am (Nova Scotia) 4pm (South Africa) for a conversation across the ocean.


31 August 2022
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